Social Activities

Our Relationship with Society

Observance of Laws and Ethics

We observe both domestic and international laws and ethics in all aspects of our corporate activities.

Severance of Relations with Anti-social Forces

We will firmly challenge and severe all relations with anti-social forces and groups no matter the situation.

Environmental Preservation

With the aim of coexistence with Earth’s environment, we are ever aware of the importance of protecting the environment and in addition to observing various laws related to the environment, we also actively engage in activities to preserve the environment based on our “environmental policies.”

Observance of Import and Export-related Laws

We observe import and export-related laws and perform appropriate import and export procedures.

Our Relationship with Customers/Clients

Product Quality and Safety

Our group ensures that the products we produce and sell are high in quality and safe in accordance with our quality policies so that our products will not be the cause of accidents and health impairments.

Observance of Antimonopoly Acts

We observe Antimonopoly Act, Subcontract Act, as well as related laws under any condition, and we do not engage in unfair methods of transaction, including sale-price collusion and the bullying of subcontractors.

Prohibition of Unfair Competition

We do not engage in activities that would damage the trust of other companies, including the illegal acquisition and use of trade secrets from other companies.

Our Relationship with Employees

Respect of Human Rights

We respect basic human rights, and do not engage in irrational discrimination based on social status, type of employment, birth, nationality, race, beliefs, religion, gender, age, body, hobbies, or academic records, nor do we engage in any activities that would damage one’s personal dignity.

Workplace Safety and Hygiene

We strive to develop our workplace environment with the securement of safety and hygiene as our top priority. Moreover, we fully consider the management of healthy minds and bodies.

Observance of Labor Laws

We observe labor laws, including the Labor Standard Act.

Our Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

Disclosure of Management Information

We disclose management information such as financial conditions and the conditions of business activities in an appropriate and timely manner in accordance with related laws.

Prohibition of Unfair Stock Trading

We do not engage in actions that violate insider trading regulations or actions that would arouse such suspicions.

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