Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

We, Kyosha Co., Ltd. disclose necessary information related to our company in a timely and appropriate manner in order to promote the understanding and fair evaluation of our company by stakeholders, including all of our shareholders and investors.

Basic Criteria

We, Kyosha Co,. Ltd., disclose information as quick as possible based on the idea of transparency, fairness and continuity in accordance with the Financial Products Exchange Law and Securities Exchange’s Rules . In addition, we proactively disclose any information deemed to be necessary and valuable for our investors to understand us better.

Disclosure Method

Our important information about management is available to the public on the information disclosure system, TDnet, which is offered by Tokyo Stock Exchange where we are listed. We will also disclose information on our website. In addition, we proactively disclose any information deemed to be valuable to our shareholders as much as possible even though the Disclosure Rules and Regurations so not require.

Quiet Period

Preventing financial information leak and ensuring fairness to all investors, we set the Quiet Period starting a day after the end of every quarter and annual fiscal term until the release of financial information officially. No questions relating to finacial statement will be answered during this period. However, if we expect a significant difference between the projected result and the actual one, we will inform publicly in accordance with the disclosure rules and regulations.

Forward-looking Statements

Our disclosed information contains forward-looking statements that are based on our plans, forecasts, and strategies. These forward-looking statements may differ significantly from actual results depending on external cause such as the economic situation and social situations. In case of disclosing the forward-looking information, we clearly state it may contains risks and variables.

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