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Kyosha group has been expanding its business activities in three areas: “Printed Wired Boards”, “Convying Carrier Devices for electrical components”, and “Surface Mount Technology”. All three businesses are linked together to meet the needs of our customers by providing one-stop service that covers everything from the design of PWBs to manufacturing, mounting, and assembly.

PWB Business

PWBs are products that consist of conductor patterns printed on the surface of or within insulated boards for the purpose of creating connections between parts, and as such, PWBs indicate the raw boards prior to the installation of electronic components. PWBs are the base for electronically connecting electronic components with each other, making PWBs important parts that are essential for electronic products.

Kyosha is one of the first companies advancing to overseas operations, and leverages its global production system and sales network to proudly operate as the company with the world’s top production capabilities for single-sided PWBs.

Moreover, double-sided PWBs and silver-plated through-hole PWBs are also major products for Kyosha, and we provide a wide range of product applications for automotive products, consumer electronics, office equipment, video equipment, and other products. We leverage the technological capabilities that we have accumulated in our history as well as our record of achievements to meet the various demands of our customers.

* The images above show examples of products that generally use PWBs.

Let’s take a look at different types of PWBs and their major applications. Many different types of PWBs are developed as various applications need. Among these types, Kyosha’s major products are single-sided, double-sided, and silver-plated through-hole PWBs.

Jigs for mounting electrical components

Mounting and Conveying Jigs for electrical components (jigs) are used for placement and fixing their position so that high-precision and efficient work is realised.
Kyosha provides the jigs that primarily support the process of mounting parts on PWBs.
We leverage our cumulative knowhow and experience to meet the various demands of our customers.

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