Environmental Activities

Basic stance and development of environmental preservation

We operate our business with the obligation of a global green supplier.

Environment Policy

Based on our management philosophy of contributing to the progress and development of society, all members of our company are diligently engaged in technological development and contribute to the preservation of Earth’s environment through our company’s business activities.

  • Once a management system has been constructed and its goals and objectives determined, we conduct periodic reviews to continually improve our environmental preservation activities.
  • We endeavor to preserve the environment through “energy conservation”, “waste reduction”, “the prevention of air, water quality, and soil pollution”, and “the proper management of chemical substances contained in products.”
  • We create environment-friendly products through the development of technology that has been focused on our “Kyosha-ECOMAP.”
  • We observe environmental regulations and other accepted requirements.
  • We release environmental policies within and outside of the company, and environmental education and awareness activities are conducted for all employees.

Our activities

Our main focus is to reduce our energy consumption and waste. We are aiming to reduce our energy consumption by improving production efficiency. To this end, we have set a reduction goal per energy source unit. We are also promoting improvement activities with the aim of eradicating the disposal of defective goods.

A Request for Vendors and Partnering Companies Involved in the Control of Environmentally Hazardous Substances

Starting with the RoHS directive, the use of environmentally harmful substances in electronic products will be strictly forbidden, and under such conditions, we have made efforts to quickly engage in green procurement. From now and in the future, we ask that our vendors and partnering companies support our company’s environmental preservation efforts.

Environmental Management System Structure

We have constructed and operate an environmental management system, and we have obtained certification for the “ISO14001” international standard.

Target organization KYOSHA Co., Ltd. Main Office and Kyoto Plant/Kyushu Plant/Niigata Plant
Target activities PWB design and manufacturing
Certifying organization Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Certification no. JQA-EM6487

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