Quality Control Activities

Quality Policy

Quality First

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the prosperity of society through our efforts in offering the highest quality products.

Our Philosophy regarding Quality

  1. Our customers decide whether the quality is good or bad

    Our philosophy regarding quality is to always pursue customer satisfaction. That is, we deliver sincerity and the highest satisfaction to our customers. We believe that our effort in listening to our customers’ needs and to meet their requests will produce products and services that will satisfy them more.

  2. High quality is the key to producing long term profit

    “Today’s quality will produce tomorrow’s profit.” This notion has been the spirit of KYOSHA since its foundation. We acquire our customers’ trust through our products and services; therefore we must continue to keep our quality high. Quality is the key to the continuance and the development of our company.

  3. Quality is achieved by participation by all

    Maintaining and providing good quality and building trust in our company cannot be accomplished by the effort from an individual nor a specific post. To build a quality control system that involves everybody in the company and to produce good quality products and services are the basis for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System Structure

We have constructed and operate a quality management system, and we have obtained certification for the “ISO9001” international standard.

Target organization KYOSHA Co., Ltd. Main Office and Kyoto Plant/Kyushu Plant/Niigata Plant
Target activities PWB design and manufacturing
Certifying organization Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Certification no JQA-QM4605

Product Reliability Evaluation Testing

We possess a variety of testing equipment to confirm that our products are able to retain their quality even under harsh environments.

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