Kyosha originally started its business in 1959 as a screen-printing manufacturer for the traditional Japanese textile-dyeing craft of Kyo-Yuzen in Kyoto, and this year marks the 60th anniversary as a PWB manufacturer that has leveraged these traditional techniques in our current line of business. Our growth thus far is entirely owed to the support of all of our stakeholders, including our customers and investors, and we are grateful for this.

Despite a turbulent business environment, our company managed to change our line of business from a Kyo-Yuzen textile manufacturer to a PWB manufacturer, and we opened overseas operations in China and Indonesia. We have also endeavored to expand our business by entering into the mounting-related business, but in January 2019, we established an overseas production base in Vietnam, and have used this opportunity to push towards further growth.

Our company has established a management policy, which states that the Kyosha group emphasizes global customer satisfaction, and our main goal is to carry practical business forward and maintain continuous growth, and our entire company aims to become a Global Niche Top manufacturer. To achieve this goal, we will leverage our strengths, which include (1) our global production and sales system, (2) the fact that we hold the top market share in single-sided PWBs, (3) the various product applications that we offer with a focus on in-vehicle and consumer electronics as well as our broad base of clients the exceeds over 1,000 companies among our group, and (4) our technological development skills with a focus on our core competence, printing technology.

Looking into the future, we find ourselves surrounded by a business environment that includes the trade war between the US and China, the rise of emerging countries, and the technological revolution in chip miniaturization as well as IoT. In such an environment, the needs of our customers are changing more rapidly and in greater scope than ever before. In constant anticipation of these changes, we are engaged in the operation of our business with a long-term view, and along with this, we are particularly concentrating our efforts on the development of technology and talent. It is our intention to be a company that can truly contribute to society so that we are able to play a role in the happiness of all stakeholders who are associated with Kyosha.

President: Kazuto Kojima

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