Management Policies

Kyosha Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to the advancement and development of society through the prosperity of the company.
Strive to develop and improve technology and grow into a trusted company.
With keeping our morale high, always acquire the toughness to overcome difficulties.
Pursue to develop human resources with the spirit of respecting for everyone and to create a company for the future.

Kyosha Management Policy

The Kyosha Group aims to achieve sustained growth by promoting “Down–to–earth Management” with Customer Satisfaction as the top priority in the global market.

  1. We pledge “Securing the Safety / Compliance with laws and regulations, Environmental Conservation” are our top priority in all business activities.
  2. We respond to customers’ needs, Continue to make constant and everlasting efforts to develop new technologies and new construction methods and improve quality
  3. We promote Selection and Integration of our business, Concentrate management resources in fields that make most use of our strengths.

Mid-term Management Plan

The Kyosha group formulated a new, 5-year plan that began its initial year in March 2017 and has targets of ¥28 billion in sales, an operating profit of ¥1.7 billion, an operating profit margin of 6%, and ROE (return on equity) of 15% by March 2021, its final year. To achieve these targets, we have implemented a basic strategy of “leveraging inter-business collaborations and using original technologies as a weapon to attack the growing category of electronic circuit devices”, and we have implemented the following 3 separate strategies.

1. Growth Strategy

We will move forward to discover the potential needs of our customers by making full use of inter-business collaborations, developing original technologies, as well as pursuing quality, and we will aim to continually grow by cultivating regions, products, and users in which we foresee new growth. Moreover, in order to establish a third business, we will aim to create and nurture new business activities through academic-industrial collaborations and by expanding into relevant fields that are upstream and downstream from our existing business activities.

2. IT/Human Resources/Management Strategy

Along with advancing the standardization and optimization of work processes through the global utilization of IT, we will promote the construction of a global CSR system as well as the development of next-generational global talent, and we will aim to strengthen our business administration system.

3. Finance Strategy

In support of our growth strategy and IT/human resources/management strategy, we will promote an investment plan that considers the balance between achieving growth and fund operation efficiency, and we will aim to improve corporate value and fully give continual returns to shareholders.

Issues that should be handled

It is our intention to handle the following important issues:

  1. Achieving global development of the double-sided and multi-layered PWB business
  2. Strategic business operation based on future-focused marketing
  3. The realization of new products and new construction methods
  4. The acceleration of streamlining and reducing manpower through automation and the adoption of IT
  5. Achieving quality, cost, and delivery that exceed customer demands
  6. The thorough operation of CSR in all group companies
  7. The development of successors

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