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Kyosha’s CSR

Our group promotes CSR activities with the objective of contributing to the progression and development of society through the development of our company’s business as based on our management philosophy and basic management policies.

Our standards of conduct

Our Group will always conduct business with a high ethical senses and a good social sense, and continue to be a trusted company in society at large. To achieve this goal, we will act based on the following 10 principles in every business situation.

  1. Strict adherence with the law: We will obey the laws and ethics both within and outside Japan.
  2. Gaining the trust of customers: We will strive to improve QCD based on our quality policy.
  3. Gaining the understanding of stockholders: We will strive to gain the support and understanding of stockholders through clear corporate management.
  4. Improving the work environment: We will put our efforts into creating a work environment where human rights are respected and our employees can exert their full potential.
  5. Disclosing of corporate information: We will put our efforts into disclosing information that should be disclosed, and in a timely manner.
  6. Appropriate Information management: We will manage personal and classified corporate information appropriately.
  7. Relationship with government and administration: We will maintain a sound and clear relationship with government and administration.
  8. Separation from antisocial forces: We will not have any relationship with antisocial forces or groups.
  9. Coexistence with local communities: We will participate in activities that will develop the region and promote a safe and comfortable life.
  10. Environmental preservation and betterment activities: We will put our efforts into preserving the global environment based on environmental policies.

CSR Promotion System

In order to promote CSR efforts in a dynamic manner, our group has established a CSR promotion committee consisting of 4 subcommittees and a group company CSR committee.

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