Disclosure Policy

At Kyosha Co,. Ltd., we will disclose any information deemed to be important appropriately in a timely manner to promote understanding of our stakeholders including stockholders and investors concerning our company for the proper evaluation.

Basic Criteria

At Kyosha Co,. Ltd. (referred to below as “we/us/our”), we continuously disclose information transparently and fairly in accordance with the Financial Products Exchange Law and Securities Exchange’s Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information. In addition, we proactively disclose any information deemed to be necessary and valuable to our investors.

Disclosure Method

Our important information about management is available to the public on the information disclosure system, TDnet, which is offered by Tokyo Securities Exchange where we are listed. We will also disclose information on the website. In addition, we proactively disclose any information deemed to be valuable to our shareholders and investors which are not covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of account settlement information and to ensure fairness, we set quiet periods starting one day after the settlement date until the release of account settlement information. No questions relating to account settlement will be answered during this period. However, if the projected business results and the actual results are suspected to differ significantly, we will inform the public in accordance with disclosure rules.

Forward-looking Statements

Our disclosed information contains forward-looking statements that are based on our plans, forecasts, and strategies. These forward-looking statements may differ significantly from actual results depending on external cause such as the economic situation and social situations. We hereby state that this information contains risks and variables and should not be used solely for investment decisions.

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